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Shutting Down 2005….. December 29, 2005

Posted by jaldenh in Rant.

Well, 2005 draws to close. Hardly a stellar one for these United States. Bush lies, deceives, and spies while nothing changes. He remakes the Middle East claiming that it will make us safer. No one really believes this, but it’s the party line. We created the mess. Now we have to stay to clean it up they say. I’ve heard the hornet’s nest analogies. We disturbed the status quo in Iraq, so we have to make sure everything is back together before we leave. Could our being there be a part of the problem? When do the Iraqis get to work out there own future? As someone on PBS said, “How would we have liked it if a foreign power intervened in our Civil War?”. Let’s never forget that Iraq was not a haven for terrorists before March 17, 2003. What has it become? What have we done? Mercy!



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